Monday, June 10, 2013

CBF, EPA Sign 4-Part Agreement Amending 2010 Settlement

The EPA and CBF have reached an alternative agreement following a 2010 settlement where the EPA agreed to promulgate a new federal concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) rule. According to a CBF press release, the EPA stated it came “under significant fire for imposing new regulations,” and has now reached an alternative agreement with the CBF. In the four part, legally binding, agreement, the EPA is required to: 1) audit each state’s CAFO programs to ensure state watershed implementation program (WIP) pollution reduction goals are met, and to take action if they are not; 2) inspect feeding operations in the Bay region to ensure compliance, and take action against farms not in compliance; 3) review specific CAFO permits and the related nutrient management plans to determine effectiveness, and to take action against ineffective plans; 4) utilize data collected to determine if revisions to national CAFO rules are needed.

For more information on the settlement amendments, visit the CBF’s website.

Written by: Garrett Lent
Penn State Law, Agricultural Law Center
June 2013