Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Joins Lawsuit

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) released a statement on November 15, 2011, announcing that the Foundation will be joining in a lawsuit against the Frederick County Board of Commissioners. In the statement CBF Vice President for Litigation, Jon Mueller said, "The board is attempting an illegal shortcut to allow potentially substantial new sprawl development. Maryland law demands a careful and deliberate process for rezoning any land so no landowner is put at an advantage or disadvantage. The board is not following that process." The Frederick County Board has commenced a procedure that the CBF fears could allow for the construction of nearly 17,000 homes within the county.  The CBF and other plaintiffs are seeking an injunction to prevent further action by the Board of Commissioners and to have the actions deemed unlawful.

Click here to read the CBF press release

Click here to read the complaint

Written by Andy Schwabenbauer, Research Fellow
November 23, 2011